The Spartan 2-Pack Pass

Finish your Trifecta

Register for the next two races in your Trifecta with the Spartan 2-Pack. Join the Trifecta Tribe by finishing all three distances in one calendar year.


Finish off your Trifecta and join the Tribe.

Sprint/Stadion & Super

Save up to 47%

2 codes valid for one Sprint/Stadion and
one Super

Sprint/Stadion & Beast

Save up to 49%

2 codes valid for one Sprint/Stadion and
one Beast

Super & Beast

Save up to 46%

2 codes valid for one Super and one

Sprint/Stadion & Super Pack

You bested the Beast or Ultra and finished the longest, most grueling of the core races. Don’t stop now. The Trifecta is within your reach. Race a Sprint (or Stadion) and Super to join a select group of Spartans who have completed all three races in one calendar year. The 5K Sprint and Stadion and the 10K Super are the perfect ways to keep racing and meet other Spartans who will push you to finish with your best time yet. When you buy the Spartan 2-Pack it’s $189, which could save you up to 47%. You’ve done the hardest part, now finish strong.

Sprint/Stadion & Beast Pack

You overcame the Super. But stepping over that finish line was just one step of your Trifecta. Now, all you need is the Sprint (or Stadion) and the Beast to earn the biggest Spartan reward. Keep up your training to conquer the shorter, 5K, 20-obstacle Sprint/Stadion and the longer, Half Marathon, 30-obstacle Beast. Buy this 2-pack for $199 and save up to 47% off regular pricing. Once you buy the pack you’ll receive two codes that are good for the two races. You’re off to a great start, so don’t take it easy, take it to the next level.

Super & Beast Pack

You finished the Sprint or Stadion. You’re officially a Spartan. Now it’s time to take the next step in your journey. Sign up for this 2-Pack and get the 10K, 20-obstacle Super along with the Half Marathon, 30-obstacle Beast to complete the Trifecta. When you buy the 2-pack, you pay $209 total, saving you up to 46%. You’ll join an amazing community of Spartans who crushed these three races in a single calendar year. You also get medals, swag and plenty of bragging rights. You started strong, now there’s no limit to what you can do.

How does it work?

After purchasing the Spartan 2-Pack, you will receive a promo code in your email. Use that code to sign up for your two 2019 events. Some people buy the 2-Pack but forget to use the code to sign up for their two races, don’t be that person.

Your code will be emailed to you as soon as you purchase the 2-Pack. Explore the Spartan Find A Race page and choose two events that work for you. Sign up with your code as soon as possible to secure your spot. Races do sell out!

Note: You still have to pay the mandatory $14 insurance for each race, taxes and fees. Need help or can’t find your promo code? Check out the FAQ below.


To be a Trifecta Finisher you must complete one of each distance - Sprint (or Stadion), Super and Beast (or Ultra) - in a calendar year.

*Stadion courses count as a "Sprint" for the Trifecta. Ultras count as a “Beast”.

Once you have all three pieces, the medal wedges fit together to make a full circle.

In conclusion, these combos qualify as a Trifecta:

  • Sprint + Super + Beast
  • Stadion + Super + Beast
  • Sprint + Super + Ultra
  • Stadion + Super + Ultra

And remember, you must complete the three races in one calendar year.

Want to step up the challenge? Earn multiple Trifectas in a single year. The current world record for most Spartan Trifectas earned in one year is 23! Once you start earning multiple Trifectas, you get additional medals… and they get bigger as you go.

Valid for any two 2019 Sprint, Super or Stadion races only. Cannot be retroactively applied or combined with any other offers including GovX or Not valid for spectator tickets, Endurance events, Beast events, Elite, or Age Group heats. Offer Ends 8/16/19 11:59pm ET. Must redeem both race passes by 12/01/19.