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Everyday Spartans

8 Stories of Passion, Drive and Determination

We’re following the adventures of eight incredible people as they travel the globe and transform their lives through Spartan.


This series was conceived as a result of Rakuten's and Spartan's shared values of empowerment and "One Team" ethics. These eight Everyday Spartans are just like you. They have hopes, dreams, worries, and fears, as we all do. They’re not superheroes; they’re “everyman.” And over the course of five memorable months, they’re pushing themselves to the limit and proving that, when you give it everything you have and maintain optimism, the seemingly impossible can be achieved. Our Everyday Spartans, from every corner of the globe, are testing their mettle in 11 locations, from scenic European cities (Barcelona) to massive Asian volcanoes (Mount Fuji) to the mountains of New England. Get to know them personally, follow their progress as they travel from country to country, and experience the ups and downs and highs and lows that they stare down throughout their epic journey.


Chi Ying (Jess) Chou

A CrossFit trainer from Taiwan, Chou, 29, drank and smoked, and was “too skinny” for sports.

Jin Fukuma

A 45-year-old entrepreneur from Tokyo, Jin never passes up an opportunity to test his limits.

Kressa Peterson

A 52-year-old cancer survivor, the American invented Shower Toga, as seen on ABC's Shark Tank.

Kwasi Asare

A 23-year-old American, he met Joe at age 13 and transformed after struggling with his weight.

Manon Kalfon

A 25-year-old nurse from France with an ambitious goal: to complete 25 Trifectas in 2019.

Fran Martinez

A 38-year-old from Spain, he suffered a devastating loss and is now helping others.

Sophia Thussbas

A 31-year-old German Pro Team member who started from the bottom and worked her way up.

Pete Cohen

A 49-year-old motivational speaker from the UK, he was once lost and is now inspiring thousands.


The journey starts in Asia with the ascent of Mount Fuji. The eight Everyday Spartans come together at the base of Japan’s tallest peak to take on their first challenge as one team.

You can expect highs and lows as they hike 12,338 feet up this dormant volcano which has been the object of pilgrimage for centuries. How will they help each other with their individual strengths to overcome their weaknesses together?

An adventure filled with physical and mental struggle, waterfall meditation, natural hot springs, and the bustle of Tokyo just 60 miles away. Find inspiration in their epic odyssey.


The mission doesn’t end in Japan. This documentary will continue to follow the eight individuals across the globe, next up Pittsfield, Vermont followed by the Spartan World Championship Tahoe, California. Stay tuned for all of the latest updates on where this journey takes them.


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