Unbreakable Stories

Unbreakable Spartans Tell Unbreakable Stories

What makes Spartans unbreakable? We are collecting the most inspirational and heroic stories from within our community and featuring them. Spartans are unbreakable, and this is the proof.

Spartans Are Unbreakable


This week in our Unbreakable Stories roundup, we highlight an FDNY EMT on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, a former "slob"-turned-endurance athlete, and a true fighter in the midst of an unthinkable string of tragedies.

'Spartan Saved Me'

Kenneth Newcomb smoked for 35 years, had a stroke, was later diagnosed with diabetes, and recently contracted COVID-19. Despite all of those harrowing obstacles, he's standing taller than ever. He credits Spartan with saving his life.

Spartan Stories Submission

These Spartans Inspire Us Every Day

Brain Cancer Has Nothing on Him

Tommy Lundgren didn't let a brain tumor keep him from completing a 50K Ultra race.

Always Breaking New Barriers

Caitlin Conner could have given up after losing a leg. Instead, she became an icon.

Nothing Can Stop This Woman

Lisabeth Cuppoletti ran a half marathon while undergoing cancer treatment. She wasn't done.